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NewLine is a company introducing advanced software development tools and techniques that enable intelligent automation of software delivery process by means of continuous integration and continuous delivery with the support of agile development methods.

We have extensive experience, understanding and view of software development tools and the process. We understand the big picture.

Let's discuss how we can help you modernize your software delivery process by means of DevOps.

Cloudbees Partner - Jenkins Platform

We are proud to be an official Cloudbees partner in the Nordic area. The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is the industry’s most proven, fully featured technology platform for implementing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is powered by the Jenkins open source automation and orchestration technology and the leading CI/CD platform.

More information on the the Jenkins Platform.

We also provide our customers with related professional services, like training, mentoring, proof-of-concept and consultation as needed. We deliver these services by our own personnel and with partners.